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Tis the season to be jolly…

At this time of year many families are faced with the trauma of having a very sick child in hospital and all the hardships associated with it, instead of looking forward to seasonal family celebrations. Our Family Support Worker is on hand to help alleviate as many of these as possible, however, our recent figures have indicated that we will be unable to sustain our service unless we can raise more money.

Martha Care is funded entirely by donation, and this is where we desperately need YOUR help.

If 30 people donate £100 each, we would be able to provide our service for another year, helping on average 15 families a week.

One family had this to say about our service:

‘I was scared out of my wits cause you know my boy ended up nearly passing away he was so poorly and obviously we were away from home and everything. It was just me and my boy, who was so poorly – my family and two boys at home and everything – and I know it’s not the other side of the world but it meant an awful lot that she popped her head in or even smiled when I bumped into her in the corridor, you know, it’s just the little things I think are most important.’

‘NHS staff bless their hearts, they are under so much pressure. You know I’m a big fan of the NHS, they are close to my heart…. They are under a massive amount of pressure and the Martha Care support worker, I think she really helps them as well because it takes the pressure off them. It was just so lovely to speak to someone with a lovely smile and heart. It was amazing the help we got and an absolute comfort to speak to her, it really was’

‘It’s just reassuring for the family down here as well. I said, to my partner, I was chatting to a nice lady today and he said “you sound a little bit happier”.

‘A friend of mine said’ how would you have managed if they hadn’t given you that?’ (we helped her access emergency funding) and I said ‘well I wouldn’t have.’

‘The Martha Care family Support worker made a big impact, it was almost like a little comfort blanket kind of thing. You know I can’t think of another way I could put it. It made things more bearable. Without the Martha Care support worker I would have just fallen apart. It meant everything, it has no measure it’s just, I didn’t think that kind of thing was available.’

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Martha Care offers help and support  for families when their very sick children are admitted to hospital in an emergency or in crisis, supporting them with practical advice and emotional support on the wards when they need it. Martha Care provides a specialist “Martha Care” Family Support Worker to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Our biggest aim is to provide Martha Care workers to hospitals across the South West so all families in our area receive the support they need to be able to care for their sick child.

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